Poetry: Selections from Grant Guy

the preacher cried all day

visited mariam  it was thursday afterall

but mariam had doubled her prices

the preacher cried all day

what do stars eat for breakfast

not the movie kind of star

the celestial stars who have no interest in us

baloney and eggs

& toast

no butter or margarine

just dijon mustard

the cowboy rode out of her life

my god

she poured herself a glass of wine

put her feet up

& listened to etta james

life is good

she sipped on the wine

Grant Guy is a Winnipeg, Canada, theatremaker and poet. He has 6 books published and his poems and stories have been published internationally online and as hard copy. He was the 2004 recipient of the Manitoba Arts Council’s Award of Distinction and the 2015 Winnipeg Arts Council’Making A Difference Reward. His visual poetry has been included in group shows in New York, Dayton, France, Spain, Italy and Brazil.