Poetry: Selections from Gia Rose

The Veil of Psychedelia

When the filter of obscurity captures our strange patterns 

Our molecules will vibrate in raw tantric motion 

As we gyrate into the primeval jungle of obscured glances intertwined with collateral movement 

Effervescent struggle met with prodigious abundance 

We’re all poets flesh and blood crying for a lucid beginning 

In the trapeze circus universe 

The rooms expand to seismic breath 

Shrinking and growing, posters of the desert climb. 

Mystic cuckoo 

The bloom of Immortal marvels 

Debonair accomplice 

Calcination of the self 

As quicksilver conjunction & atomic coagulation conjoin 

Inter-dimensional insights 

Woo w/ Clear gut sensorium  

No more brick wall of angst 

Show us the technicolor rainforest 

Realize all we are is infinite hunger 

The void of endless want 

silhouettes of play and rage 

Bewildered profusely in valentine haze 

We’re flesh comedies of taboos, totems, ceremonies, talents, genius, ugliness, fetid decisions, and beautiful instance. 

We’ll always be Juggernauts of the abstract 

Outlandish & attacked by cyclops satire 

Oracles of the red hot night meshed w hallucinogenic familiarity 

Cerebral dreams 

Wedded by native curiosity 

Expanding the holy unconscious 

Making Dionysian angels out of cheap punks like us. 

Now feral storms festering in blazing synergy 

Lend your experimental eyes to the door on the other side. 

We’re escaping the real, flashing brilliance & apocalypse , heathen minds caught on the veil , the veil of psychedelia.

The Struggle of the Blood Sweat and Tears Citizen

If money is the root of all evil, America was built upon the burial grounds of mind genocide I’ve never been quite sure why the American dream sucks so much 

You deem you’ll live long and dominate jackpot luck, praying over a slow dying art But your pocket bowels are desolate from money starvation 

Your limbs are heavy from rootless exposure 

Into the fetal position of barbecue sacrifice 

Numbskull executives spew meritless debris 

They think busting our asses 

Is what legitimately breeds a flag masturbating American 

They want the holy haired cherubs to flush leisure from their eyes 

trading blood, sweat, and tears to reap the conceited red, white & blue I don’t want it and I never have 

This is not the way to languid grace 

You can return the product to the lungless cocksuckers 

The receiver is absent 

I want music, mad music to carve out my insides and serve them on a rusted platter I’ve never sucked from a silver spoon 

And dirt cheap tastes so damn sweet

Valhalla, Fear Not Your Fate

On treacherous waters psychedelic fortune appears 

Noble cacophony 

Fresh Land, infant Spirit 

Warriors eminently spellbound 

Storms of silver galvanism 

Led adrift by glacier gowns 

Nordic omens painted 

in the Shaman’s apparition clouds 

Laden hearts abound, ever exuberant Asgard 

Messengers hugin, munin deliver the present 

Valiant Valkyries, born of Odin’s violent dawn, ornate their ghostly strength in raconteur’s hubris. Sail the gusts of seismic tumult, offer of the balmy evening 

We erect the notions of earthly delirium 

Feral Berserkers under Norse nirvana 

Rabid bearskin bodies undulating heroic prophecies 

The trance of a million icy regions 

Strange imitation of burly- sullen beasts 

Psychological battles, instinctual beguiling, 

egalitarian in instance, intoxicating vigorous unconsciousness, 

Ransom on the stoned soul 

Vikings Impassioned by crystal invasion, 

The Sagas announce barefoot atrocities, 

sinned w/ epoch frozen brutes,

Myths of thunder, 

wolf jötnar, 

Skaldic goddess gloss the guileless phantasm, 

Back down over the mystic falls 

Back down over the Icelandic avalanche 

Antagonist & all 

Curiously witness sigils of the languid cold moon 


Sinuous, Seeress your verdant streams of foretelling lead the extraterrestrial rebellion Begin the hallucinogenic seance 

Evolve the medieval aphrodisiac 

Sorceress of feline prowess, cunning serpent provoke the ritual hour, Frosted meadows & impotent banquets, 

Let tribulation vanish, let creation angelically scream, 

Pour honor in our booze, and bliss in our alchemical copulations 

We of amethyst pleasure & azure belief, 

In the polar frosted morning we’ll marvel at the runic configurations established for adorned obscurity, and gallivant alive & golden, aviated in euphonious reckoning.

Gia Rose is the lyricist/ vocalist of the psychedelic rock band The Azures from Asbury Park, NJ. Since she was a fledgling artist she’s always been fascinated by poetry, art, and music. Aside from pursuing music and poetry she is an avid painter and loves to create obscure psychedelic works. Gia aims to reveal the veil of perception often clouding human consciousness, with her intangible yet strange poetry.