Poetry: Ode to Austin Davis by Michael Amitin

Ode to Austin Davis
Austin Davis a young man
yellow flowered shirt 
red hair alert
came upon trouble with the law
A town in Arizona where he took a stand
bringing food for the homeless , a one man band
In a town where lawmen poured their desert dry
dead branch brains
on his benevolent soft spring rain
His dawn not propelled by church bells, medal shells
scores of light
to shine his way
Austin Davis with a simple idea
to help the hungry find a life that day
The law said he had no permit
to do such a thing
Yet even Christ would do it
if he were there in that tumble-down desert ring
The law its badge of sacrilege
Austin Davis a young man
a heart the shape of a bridge

Michael D. Amitin has travelled the roads of the American West from California- east through the smoky burgs and train depot diners of Western Colorado, before moving to Paris, France in 2009. Named International Beat Poet Laureate 2020-2021, Amitin's poems have been published in California Quarterly, Poetry Pacific, North of Oxford, PoetryontheLake, Love Love Magazine, Litterateurrw, JerryJazzMusician, Horror Sleeze Trash and others. A collaboration with Parisian photographer Julie Peiffer has given rise to "Riverlights" and can be found on Fb @ Riverlights. Amitin's poetry can also be read on the FB and Instagram sites bearing his name.



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