Poetry: Run by Niki Perez


Rocks dented my skin;
I wore glass chips
for sneakers and walked 
like Jesus’ cross
moving sins. Failures like I
walked, not away but alone
screaming shame.
Shame, shame for we
walk different.
Not ones to nail bone
or hammer our fathers
walking down Mary Ave.
That road’s been danced,
prayed upon like my Love—
my dear darling. Don’t walk.

Niki Perez is a mom, a commercial real estate guru, and a word slayer. She makes no apologies for being an alpha female, though her sword fighting skills need practice. Once, Niki was an owl of literature and creating writing at FAU. You might find her pen in Lavender Bones, From One Line vol. 2, and Bullshit Lit Mag, among others.