New From Anxiety Press: Anxious Nothings (Vol. 1)

Anxiety Press is pleased to announce the release of our highly anticipated anthology: Anxious Nothings Vol. 1

“Read it with one hand.” — Ghost of Larry Flynt


Baby Doll by Courtenay S. Gray
I Fuck Fat Girls by Aaron Thompson
Abstract by Joe Haward
Babygirl by C. E. Hoffman
Ruffled Feathers by Paige Johnson
A Series of Poor Decisions by Jack Moody
Jungle Rules by Kristin Garth
Dick Pics by Justine Jones
A Pervert’s Guide to Analingus by Sebastian Vice
Girl’s End by Paula Deckard
Slaw by Jason Gerrish
Feeding the Ducks by Grayson Lagrange


It’s a sin to put it in, but a shame to pull it out.


“It’s like The New Yorker but hornier.”  Lexi Grey, author of White Stains

“This made me want to pump my snatch like a dude with a motor attached to his waist.”  Janelle Janson, reviewer 

“Will leave you grinning like a preacher who knows what you stuck up your ass yesterday.”  Owen Grey, reviewer

Anxious Nothings had me wanting to stuff my meat into some crazy pussy like I alone own the copyright to it.”  Chad White, reviewer


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