Poetry: Thundercloud Plum Tree by Sean Bronson

Thundercloud Plum Tree

When I was about eight years old,
having read too many comic books
about men flying around in capes
and being impervious to bullets,
I told you to shoot me with an arrow.
You knew how to make them from the
branches of a Thundercloud Plum Tree
in your front yard. You twisted off its
burgundy leaves and aimed the nub
at the white moon shining in my eye.
You pulled back the twine of your 
homemade bow, and a jab of unexpected
pain punched me. Before my hands 
could even twitch, you had let go.

Sean Bronson is currently living in Los Angeles, working as an English teacher for foreign students. Sometimes, he likes to travel outside the U.S.


  1. Ouch. Not much difference between love and children's games. ;)


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