Column: Courtenay’s Highlights

As we get closer to the end of the year, more and more excellent work continues to be published. So, here is my roundup of highlights from recent weeks (since the last one).

Paula by David Scott (@arghkid):
David Scott interviewed me on BBC Radio Manchester months ago, and I’ve followed him ever since. A poet in his own right, he posted this reading of his poem Paula, and I thought it was fantastic! The pure northern rhythm really makes this piece shine.

Broadside by Shine Ballard (@shineballard):
This story is incredibly visceral. If I see food in a story, I’m in. Yes, I am hungry, but it really helps to fall into the scene. Published by Roí Faineant, Broadside makes me think of a cold winter’s evening. I imagine sitting in a takeaway just like in the story.

Sustained Rapture by Paul Ballard:
Sustained Rapture, published by A Thin Slice of Anxiety, is a story that doesn’t feel like your typical overworked/messed with story. The author appears to be confident in their vision of the story.

Fly Fishing by Micah Fields:
Fly Fishing, published by Return, is an amusing little article about how we choose to spend our attention, and why we are sometimes at a crossroads in our opinions as to how we should enjoy things.