New from Anxiety Press: The Monotony of Everlasting

Anxiety Press is pleased to announce the release of: The Monotony of Everlasting by Jack Moody 





"The Monotony of Everlasting is an absorbing exploration of the internal and external journey of the self. It reads like a science fiction interpretation of Siddhartha, by way of JG Ballard or Philip K. Dick. Short, but epic in scope. Profound and spiritual." — Manny Torres, author of Dead Dogs, Father Was a Rat King, and Perras Malas

“How would you value your life if you had too much of it? Jack Moody’s novella The Monotony of Everlasting is the philosophical trip of a lifetime, an endless one to be exact, of one man, through history and into the dark and terrifying future. Jack takes on our born sense of mortality and obsession with time and its finality through this well crafted and exquisitely detailed piece.” — Kellie Scott-Reed, AEIC of Roi Faineant Press

"A phantasmagorical journey through everything that has ever been, The Monotony of Everlasting is Dorian Gray on a cosmic scale. Beautifully written and a little bit unlike anything ever before – I knew Moody could write, but this tale of cosmic ennui and endless humanity places him at the top of the tree." — Stuart Buck, author of Quantum Diaper Punks and EIC of The Bear Creek Gazette

About the author 

Jack Moody is a novelist and short story writer from wherever he happens to be at the time. He is the author of the novel Crooked Smile, the short story collection Dancing to Broken Records, and the forthcoming novella The Monotony of Everlasting, out October 1st, 2022 with Anxiety Press. He is a former staff writer for the literary magazine and podcast Brick Moon Fiction, and his work has appeared in multiple publications including Expat Press, Misery Tourism, Maudlin House, Punk Noir Magazine, Scatter of Ashes, Paper and Ink Magazine, Horror Sleaze Trash, A Thin Slice of Anxiety, Bear Creek Gazette, and The Saturday Evening Post. He didn't go to college.


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