New from Anxiety Press: Something Happened at 2am

Anxiety Press is pleased to announce the release of: Something Happened at 2am by B F Jones


In this moving collection of interrelated stories, B F Jones illuminates every modern anxiety of life in a fictional English town. And through her artistry, weaves these stories into a powerful portrayal of community life, and, ironically, of the isolation this close atmosphere can sometimes engender. 


"Something happened at 2am is a collection of subtly unsettling, cleverly interconnected vignettes, each composed with the biting shrewdness that has become Jones’ trademark. These micro-fictions feature astute examinations of death and ill health, explorations of the dynamics between mothers and their children, and scenes of the absurdity of corporate life, all written in taut, precise prose, and peppered with dark humour and sardonicism throughout. A sense of creeping paranoia runs through these pages like a tripwire, and there is a certain sadness to be found in these stories as well as wry hilarity. Something happened at 2am is a quietly satisfying collection from a master storyteller, and a wonderful companion to Artifice." — HLR, author of History of Present Complaint
Something Happened at 2am is a dark, twisted collection of short prose. Each piece deals a quick devastating blow that leaves you pondering it still as you slip into the next story and long after you’ve put the book down. Jones writes poetically and beautifully about ugly things, her words flow like rainwater from the page. There’s also a gothic quirkiness here, a gallows humour wrenched up into the air and kicking out which catches the reader off guard. Jarring. Disorientating. And done marvellously to full effect.” — Stephen J. Golds, author of the Dead, Dying and Gone trilogy

Something happened at 2am is another dominant display of B FJones' undeniable ability to entertain through short stories. Jones draws readers in using relatable scenarios before pulling the floor away to leave you falling into a palatable slice of darkness. This skill is a hallmark of the author's writing and 2am is no exception. Let the beauty resonate and the horror shock as Jones entices you back in time after time.” — James Jenkins, author of Parochial Pigs
“Jones is a master of short literary fiction. As with all good literature, Jones’ work demands your attention and re-attention. Something Happened At 2am is a gem to be read multiple times to gain new meanings. Fans of Amy Hempel have found a strong contender.” — Sebastian Vice, founder of Outcast-Press
“The stories all happen in one small English town with characters and incidents referred to in other stories. The tales are a mix of kooky and creepy as the citizens succumb to their fears and desires throughout. Jones is great with a final line that can either twist the knife deeper or flip a story on its head.
 Jones is adept at writing characters even in the small space each yarn inhabits and the town feels real even with the increasing amount of bizarre things going on.
 Jones is a wonderful, vibrant writer that often leaves me in awe of her skills.” — Scott Cumming, author of A Chapbook About Nothing

About the Author 

B F Jones is French and lives in a small town on the outskirts of London with her husband, three children and two cats and works in website development. In her spare time, she loves reading, running, cooking, family time and DIY, as well as writing poetry and flash fiction. She is also the co-editor of Punk Noir Magazine. Her debut poetry collection, The Only Sounds Left and the David Bowie inspired chapbook, Five Years were published in 2021 by The Alien Buddha, as well as her micro and flash fiction collection, Artifice. She’s currently working on a crime novel, inspired by her Corsican origins.


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