Poetry: The Fallen Petals by Maitreyi Parakh

The Fallen Petals

I wish you would stop whispering in the dark because I do too much of that myself
& I wish that the clouds strapped to my feet were lighter but here we are,
chained to a burning house and tomorrow, we'll look for my girlhood in the ashes
blackened and bloody but still intact.
Icarus didn't want to set out the fire, though
secrets wrapped themselves around his feet and dragged him under the surface.
is it alright to be scared even though I can't hear myself screaming
he didn't listen – maybe if he had, he would have learned the truth
always hides within awkward silences.
the tightness in my ribcage threatening to overgrow over the edge
no more fear / no more how do I say sorry without saying sorry or neither dream going right.

Maitreyi Parakh is a student and sometimes poet who lives by the coast. She likes songs that subvert religious preconceptions, having too many tabs open and emoticons.