New from Anxiety Press: Excursion 39

Anxiety Press is pleased to announce the release of: Excursion 39 by Michael Gerard


Innovative and experimental in its style and structure, Excursion 39 blurs the lines between science fiction, philosophy, and avant-garde literature. 

An experimental novel without a single test. A process of emotional portals designed for escape, though without a single island or radio wave to wander off with. A carton of cigarettes left on your front porch. The framework for a step out the back door, without ever really leaving the room.


Excursion 39 is a captivating, experimental novel.”
— Justine Jones, freelance editor/writer 

About the Author

Michael Gerard is a writer from the Cincinnati area. His fiction and poetry have been featured in publications such as Great Ape, The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts and The Eunoia Review. In regards to his fiction specifically, Michael is interested in the strange and often absurd and aims to create works that defy convention and alter the face of story structures.


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