From the Editor

Dear A Thin Slice of Anxiety Readers,

Allow me to introduce our newest columnist, the enigmatic and unapologetically unique G.R. Tomaini. This First-Generation LGBTQ Federal McNair Scholar is a force to be reckoned with. 

Tomaini's literary journey has already made a significant impact. With four published works spanning three volumes, his academic monograph, "Encyclopedia of American Idealism," is soon to release its second edition, initially published by Manticore Press. The fact that this profound work is prefaced by none other than Cornel West and endorsed by the incomparable Slavoj Žižek speaks volumes.

But it's not just academia that defines Tomaini's literary prowess. His realm extends into the captivating world of poetry, where he’s crafted six full-length manuscripts. "Ballad of An American Ganymede: Or, Explorations of Queeritude In Fifty Seven Cantos," published by Anxiety Press, is a testament to Tomaini's poetic mastery, drawing inspiration from the likes of Heidegger and Sartre.

Pumpernickel Press has also had the privilege of sharing two of Tomaini's other poetic creations, "The Rainbow Cantos: Two Attempts At Queering The Canon." This volume encapsulates the essence of queerness and includes the intriguing works "Kiss Me, Ahab!: A Queer Novella Across One Hundred and Twenty Cantos" and "Gayowulf: An LGBTQ Epic Poem Inspired By Beowulf."

Tomaini's poetry has graced the pages of numerous publications, including Outcast Press, Selcouth Station Press, Agapanthus Collective, Roi Fainéant Press, The Incognito Press, and the American Writers Review. 

But it's not all serious for Tomaini; his celebrated poems "Ode To My Butt In These Jeans" and "A Love Poem By Ahab Candomblé" reveal a lighter, more playful side to his artistry.

As if this weren't enough, Tomaini's sixth poetry book is shrouded in mystery, published under a pseudonym to maximize dramatic effect.

In summary, G.R. Tomaini's presence in our magazine promises to be a journey into the extraordinary, where academia meets poetry, philosophy embraces queerness, and dramatic effect amplifies this one of a kind voice.


Cody Sexton

Managing Editor/Founder/Creator