New from Anxiety Press: Will We All Still See Each Other Afterward

Anxiety Press is pleased to announce the release of Will We All Still See Each Other Afterward by Tyler Dempsey


WILL WE ALL STILL SEE EACH OTHER AFTERWARD will get stuck in your head like an ear worm that won't stop crawling around until long after its final page. That Dempsey can take a story as universal, simple, and timeless as friends-with-benefits and make it a page turner is all the evidence you need of his talent as a writer. It’s a love story, it’s a platonic-friends story, it’s a story full of heart with no taking sides, no he said/she said, which is further evidence of Dempsey’s soul on the page. These characters are all heart and good intentions but of course we all know where good intentions get us. They get us to a real story about complicated people and how hard it is to be a human and maintain your humanity in the face of all the ugly, counterproductive urges we have to find purpose and meaning in this world and all the people that surround us. All that and a lot of fun sex stuff. You need this book in your life.”
— Benjamin Drevlow, author of THE BOOK OF RUSTY

“Tyler’s buck-naked honesty and strobe light sentences make WILL WE ALL STILL SEE EACH OTHER AFTERWARD a profound and nearly hallucinogenic reading experience. It was the urgency of the writing that pulled me in but ultimately his love for these characters and this setting and — yes, ironically — this life that ultimately pays off. A brilliant work of autofiction from a one of a kind talent.”
— Mike Nagel, author of DUPLEX

About the Author

Tyler Dempsey is the award-winning author of Newspaper Drumsticks and Time as a Sort of Enemy. He’s handled returns for a computer memory distributer(x3), was a paperboy, 4th grade tutor, gas station clerk, grounds keeper, waiter(x2), warehouse stocker, barista, middle-school janitor, dishwasher(x2), sandwich artist, Preschool teacher, banana farmer, regular farmer, built eco-friendly outdoor venues, library events planner, clothing designer, Amazon bookseller(x2), pot farm laborer(x6), bartender, recreational specialist, hiking/backpacking guide, prep cook, park guide, musician(x4), and Ranger for the National Park Service and Bureau of Land Management. Now he makes the big bucks, writing. He lives and works in Utah and is a fiction reader at X-R-A-Y Literary Magazine.