Poetry: Selections from Nick Romeo

I Forgot the Words

Of a poem I worked on
In the abyss of my brain
While haunting the halls
Between the bathroom my cubicle
Coffee maker water fountain
Maybe in that order but not likely
I think it was about my dear friend
My job my broken computer at my job
My fellow workers at the job or detractors
Smoke detectors propulsion system inspectors
Stamp collectors debt collectors tax collectors
I still haven’t finished my taxes by the way
Or was the poem about how my dear friend, the accountant, broke my work computer during a fire because the propulsion system malfunctioned and the lack of smoke detectors did not signal my fellow workers and detractors in time to save the stamps from burning so therefore, I could not mail out my taxes and now the tax debt collectors are calling.
Actually I think it was about the rain.
How it can put out the fiercest fires.
It has been known to put out forest fires.
Is that why, my dear friend, you don’t like the rain?

Geometric Aesthetics

Those geometric designs
Of symmetry & beauty
U-shaped structure
Under the nose
With 45-degree lines
Connecting each side
to a semi-circle
Just above the chin
All highlighted in light fuchsia
I want to name them
Weapons of Mass Affection
But not sure of the power
Just from one picture sent
But I like to imagine
Those things in action
Would just one interface
End all life on earth
And likely the galaxy
The blast radius
With shock waves
Equal to collapsing suns
I have only one compliant
About that official moniker
It should not be a Cupid’s Bow
But Cupid’s H-Bomb

Peace Finally
I don’t want to talk to you about medicine and addiction. I don’t want to talk about our childhood trauma or guilt. I don’t want to talk about fear and weakness. These are the things I talk about with myself, too often.
I want to talk to you about what color to spray paint the cloud formations. I want to talk about writing haikus on mountain ranges so the Martians can read. I want to talk about elements 200 through 250 and delightful Latin naming conventions mixed with Old Testament iconography. I want to make you laugh until you’re snorting, for that is sexy. I want to cuddle with you through my sleepless nights talking about foreign movies, physics, other random art until I fall asleep in your arms as the sun rises gracing its presence through the trees upon a bed of tall dew laden grass.

Public Theater

Outfitted in a skimpy red dress
High heels and fishnets she
Sashays past a small group of poets
Who finished pints
Mixed with sentences
She winks at the group
While mouths agape
One in the group points
As others notice
Text written on her face
Likely black eyeliner pencil
Or perhaps mascara
Imaginary Don Juan is a
Misanthrope in Spite
Of Himself Being a Miser
A poet announces: Maybe it’s Maybelline
Another interrupts: No. It’s Madeleine

Stop to Smell the Rosary

somewhere in a tangle of dendrites
and neon lit roads I exist

a priori - an opportunity
upon our memories I subsist

strung along with pins and pictures
on a detective's mind map

an orthodoxy of evidence
showing my addiction trap

if I used that Rosary of jellybeans
would you pick off each one

with our eyes united
and by use of your tongue

or would you stash the art
in your hollowed out Bible

next to my heart

Nick Romeo, when not at his nine-to-five occupation which is strongly situated in the STEM fields, he passes the time with his wife, cats, and his art creations. His main forms of expression are 3D digital renderings, electronic music, writing, sewing, and photography. Nick's forthcoming chapbook is entitled Empyrean Fog Machines due to be released October 2023 by Back Room Poetry.