New from Anxiety Press: The Mountain is Burning Down

Anxiety Press is pleased to announce the release of: The Mountain is Burning Down by Craig Rodgers



In the chaos of existence, where rules and sanity go up in flames, Rodgers dares to set the mountain ablaze with his words. In this unapologetic journey through the twisted alleys of the human psyche, there's no order, no restraint, and no filter.

Bukowski would've tipped his hat to this raw and unapologetic exploration of life's absurdity. Rodgers, like a poetic pyromaniac, sets fire to convention and invites you to witness the blazing inferno of his thoughts.

With prose as sharp as broken glass and a spirit as untamed as a wild stallion, The Mountain is Burning Down is a literary wildfire that will scorch your soul and leave you questioning the very foundations of your existence.

So, if you're ready to embrace the chaos and dance in the embers of words, grab a copy of this incendiary masterpiece by Craig Rodgers. In a world where order has crumbled, let this book be your guide through the burning mountain of human experience.