New from Anxiety Press: Tomorrow Everyday, Yesterday Too

Anxiety Press is pleased to announce the release of: Tomorrow Everyday, Yesterday Too by Carson Pytell


Dark, painful, honest, inspiring, and raw, this collection of poetry finds a perspective in self-acceptance that first had to be lived through in order to be written. 


“Whether he's musing on ancient mythology or silent films, quoting Homer Simpson or Pius II, following Max Von Sydow through an Ingmar Bergman film, quoting his father or reenvisioning Dickens, Carson Pytell's collection Tomorrow Everyday, Yesterday Too lives up to its title by covering as many bases as you could imagine in such a short amount of space without being scattered. The poems remain focused as the book seems to fly by then begs you to read it again.” — Zebulon Huset, Editor of Coastal Shelf

“Like John Berryman's Dream Songs, Carson Pytell's Tomorrow Everyday, Yesterday Too fills the soul like foaming ocean water in a cask. Bound to our earthly lot, but infused with celestial alchemy, these poems are permeated by ardent feeling, richness of thought, and the singular turns of phrase by a master in his study cataloging the dark and the light.” — Adam Johnson, W.A.Y.D.O.H.A.A.F.E? (House of HASH, 2021)

“Carson Pytell is an incredible contemporary poet. 'Tomorrow Everyday, Yesterday Too' is an ode to human existence. Touching on the topics of family, friends, work, debt, growing old, and the moments between that shape us into who we are as individuals. All searching for our own personal Towers of Babel. Yearning to leave something behind. Screaming to be heard.” — James D. Casey IV, artist, poet, founder/editor-in-chief of Cajun Mutt Press.

About the Author

Carson Pytell is a Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net nominated writer living outside Albany, New York, whose work has appeared widely in such venues as: Adirondack Review, Sheila-Na-Gig, and The Heartland Review. He serves as Assistant Editor of the journal Coastal Shelf and his chapbook releases include: First-Year (Alien Buddha Press, 2020), Trail(Guerilla Genesis Press, 2020), The Gold That Stays (Cyberwit, 2021), Sketching (Impspired, 2021), Tomorrow Everyday, Yesterday Too (Anxiety Press, 2022) and A Little Smaller Than the Final Quark (Bullshit Lit, 2022).