Poetry: Selections from Maria Cameron

The Funeral of David Bryan

It was Christmas of '99.
The cold breath of our ancestors
Haunted the streets before dawn.
There was no light in front of us.
Just dead shadows and a few frozen revenants.
Chilling wind demolished the fragile ground,
Needle-shaped raindrops plunged under my skin.
The words were coming (with the rainstorm)
From above: 'Peculiar sins, peculiar town.'
The message found its way from the World above.

The night before Christmas Eve, ice drops
Haunted David Bryan at city intersections;
Until his soul became 'numb, dead calm';
Verging on 'hypothermic possession'.
Shivers of the candles unsettled the wild spirits.
The smell of burned incense
Released the rage, anger and suspense.
The scent of candles at the cremation
Did not belong to our world of eternal damnation.

David Bryan was escorted by
Wanderers and oblivious ghosts.
I have inhaled suppressed rage
Of the deceased,
Along with their slaughtered dreams.
A single candle flame
Starts the fire
At the grave of David Bryan.
After all,
He did not die
Because no one dies on Christmas night.

A Lost Voyager, the Invisible Traveler

Ghostly shivers of dead sea
Are in front of me.
I am a lost voyager;
The invisible traveler.
I steal solar fabric from Heaven
Every day;
I need the radiant light
In order to survive.
Still, the brilliance of a young sun
Skips me every time.
I am yet to be found:
A lost voyager;
The invisible traveler.
I grew up in obscure conditions,
I still chase pale premonitions.
My solitude has grown.
I travel alone
To the "Destination Unknown".

I am stealing the light
Of an infant day.
I prefer to follow the moon
And listen to what a cricket has to say.
The rain cries the last goodbye
To the invisible pain of humankind;
But, for me, it's just another ride.
I am a lost voyager,
The invisible traveler from hell.
I can take you anywhere,
Just don't disturb my loneliness.

Maria Cameron has been writing poetry and fiction since the age of seven. However, just recently, she has started to submit her work. She is also a mental health professional with over seven years experience within the field and is currently employed at the Center for Social Welfare as a Psychologist. 


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