New From Anxiety Press: The Place Where Everyone’s Name is Fear

Anxiety Press, in collaboration with Outcast-Press, is pleased to announce the release of: The Place Where Everyone’s Name is Fear

Featuring Stories, Essays, and Poetry From:

Cody Sexton
Leah Mueller
Sheri White
Jennifer Iran
Mimm Paterson
Austin Davis
John Grey
Tiffany Storrs
Paula Rudnick
Isra Cheema
Dave Serrette
Sarah Park
Courtenay Schembri Gray
Sebastian Vice
Andy Gehlsen
Bev Vincent
Pedro Iniguez
Loretta S. Pedersen
George Daniel Lea
Stephen Myer
Jack Moody
D.M. Clarke
Jo Clark
Scott Cumming
Tony Garland
Barbara Genova
Brian Bowyer
Jim Towns
Karen Crawford
Joe S. Thomas
Steve Passey
Kelli Scott-Reed
Nathan Pettigrew
Francois Bereaud


The Place Where Everyone’s Name is Fear is a charity anthology featuring short stories, essays and poems written by a diverse group of authors. The collection aims to raise awareness and funds for various women’s rights organizations. 


“I always knew Anxiety/Outcast Press were on another level, but this book confirms it. Absolutely incredible.”
— Justine Jones, freelance editor 

“This collection of writing and the move to raise money for abortion advocates, freedom advocates, is a beautiful gesture. I hope readers enjoy the work, and pass it on, and keep the power alive, the dreams alive, hold on to a vision of equality and love without an abuse of the body or spirit.”
— Monica Drake, from her introduction 


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