Poetry: Calling All CEOs by Todd Matson

Calling All CEOs

You have a solution for mass shootings?
Let me guess.  Arm teachers. Arm all the good
people with guns to gun down all the bad people with guns.
Am I getting warm?  Insist on better
treatment for mental illness for the camera
while cutting funding for treatment of the mentally
ill off camera since viewers have the attention span of a gnat.
Am I getting warmer?  Sanctimoniously
offer “thoughts and prayers” while doing absolutely
nothing to stop mass shootings.  I believe I must be red hot.
Do you really want to stop mass shootings?  Follow the money.
Gun sales skyrocket after mass shootings.
Blood money starts pouring in. Gun manufacturers
donate blood money to the NRA to promote the unbridled
sale of guns.  The NRA donates blood money to politicians pimped
out to protect the sale of semi-automatics, military-style weapons, AR-15s,
assault weapons, weapons of war to young men desperate to renew their “man card.”
Follow the money
and you come to a trail of blood.
The blood of innocents. The blood of children.  
Calling all CEOs.  Does this
sound like an acceptable business
model to you?  Do you truly want to stop
corporate vampires from harvesting the blood of
children used to make killing machines for mass murder?
Stop making the spilling
of innocent blood profitable
for gun manufacturers, the NRA,
and the political whores who care more
about being reelected than keeping children safe.

The political whores.  Vote them out.

Todd Matson is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in North Carolina, United States. His poetry has been published in The Journal of Pastoral Care and Counseling, Soul-Lit: A Journal of Spiritual Poetry and Bluepepper, and his short stories have been published in Ariel Chart International Literary Journal, Faith, Hope and Fiction, and Children, Churches and Daddies.  He has also written lyrics for songs recorded by various contemporary Christian music artists, including Brent Lamb, Connie Scott and the Gaither Vocal Band.