Poetry: I Wanna Be by Tina Parsons

I Wanna Be

You could hang me in the corner
And I would surely be
A calcified celebrity 
That’s just what I would be
Count my back full of vertebrae
All thirty-three there be
And check how cartilaginous
My spine persists to be
With my fistful of phalanges
There’s so much more I’d be
When you see just how cavernous
My facial bones can be
From my frontal to my femur
Perfection I could be
For I could teach anatomy
You know how great I’d be
Why is it then you don’t agree?
With what I wanna be?
But dear, we couldn’t think of it
So please, just let it be.

Tina Parsons has first-class honours in English Literature and Creative Writing and has authored a number of academic publications which are used in teaching internationally. She is currently working on a collection of short stories featuring the life of bags and in her role as assistant editor of the literary journal MONO. she shares a passion for reading and writing poetry with an edge as well as a heart.


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