New From Anxiety Press: Into the Void

Anxiety Press is pleased to announce the release of: Into the Void by Darrick Franz


“Get ready for Into the Void, a wild novella that slams a world-weary minstrel into the twisted path of a dangerous siren. Fate's playing puppetmaster as youth, desire, and chaos collide in a reckless dance. This ain't your typical story—innocence shatters, complexities unravel, and life's jagged edges meet head-on in a mind-bending trip you won't forget."
— Owen Grey, author of Puking Up Rednecks


In the smoky depths of an uncertain existence, a world-weary minstrel at the tender age of twenty-seven sees his life, already cracked and fragmented, careen into further disarray. Fate, that mischievous puppeteer, unravels his path and entwines it with that of a dangerous dalliance. At the tender age of sixteen, a siren beckons—an enigmatic girl who shatters assumptions of innocence with a glance. Beneath her youthful exterior lies a labyrinth of complexity. The boundary between naiveté and knowing blurs, as their lives converge in a reckless dance of youth, desire, and the unpredictable.

About the Author

Darrick Franz is a musician from the northeast. This is his first book.


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