Poetry: Selections from Nolcha Fox

with thanks to Cody Sexton

Life is just a bowl
of cherries I make
into a pie.
But lightning strikes
and fissures crust,
the remains a thin
slice of anxiety.

At the Fair

You always loved the
popcorn cracking in your fingers,
dripping butter.

You always loved the
cotton candy, sticky
finger cloud.

You always loved the 
crowds, the noise, the crunch
of peanut shells beneath your shoes.

You always loved the
Ferris wheel, the view up top,
standing balanced on the bar.

You always loved the
way you shocked me with your daring.
Did you slip or did you jump?


You were gone, you killed yourself.
Although we tried, we never 
reached each other, heart to heart.
Although we weren’t too far away
in space, we were so distant.
I sighed and poured a cup of tea,
admitted to myself,
we were a family torn apart,
before you left us broken.
I left those who thought they knew you
to clear the mess you left behind.

Vindictive Vines

defy my tries
to prune disaster
creeping towards 
the house.
Where I snip one,
two more grow back,
I swear they’re 
baring teeth.
I hear them growl
and stand to strike
me with some thorns
they didn’t have before.

A Mysterious Note Fell Out of My Friend’s Pocket, and I Read It

I am a sea cucumber, gasping for salt in his garden. 
I am a mustard-slathered hot dog, with onions, in his kennel.
I am shaving cream in his coffee.
I am a path that doesn’t lead to his door.
I am udderly lost in his pasture.
I am not what he seems.
I am not.

Nolcha Fox, an accomplished poet, boasts an impressive portfolio of curated works featured in renowned publications such as Lothlorien Poetry Journal, Alien Buddha Zine, and Medusa’s Kitchen. Her poetry volumes, widely acclaimed, can be found on Amazon and Dancing Girl Press. Nominated for the esteemed 2023 Best of The Net award, she further extends her influence as an editor for Open Arts Forum and Chewers & Masticadores. Beyond her editorial roles, Nolcha also finds herself inadvertently engaging in interviews and reviews. Notably, she's gained a reputation for skillfully crafting satirical "fake news" pieces, showcasing her multifaceted creativity.