Poetry: The Four Stages of Wine by Jonathan Hayes

The Four Stages of Wine
spirited jolly bacchus seated at table in cenacle
drinking sweet red blood song amongst fellowship
jowl jigging jag bantering jovial jocular
jabberwocky waggeries    jabbing jocund
laughter jestering joyance amusement
enlivening last supper sacrament
bedlam bastard bedeviled belligerent jupiter
baccivorous baboon belly filled befuddled
barreling barks bah! bah! bah!
eager engagement waging bacchanal battle
truculent beast barging scathing bellows
of backwoods balefire bareknuckling 
basting bane
lethargic lachrymal lazarus raised from
the dead back to beggar’s life and carved
in stone sins    languidly leaning ‘gainst
lamppost bawling langley wails of dirge
la! la! la! weeping lakh morning mournful
lamented lacquered labdanum tears into lagoon
mind marching passion thru labyrinth to the laura
comet eyed comate green man comfy comfrey
collapsed on the floor    imprecise purposely
planked prostration suspended animation 
clubbed bottle over the head dumb coma numb
dormant    calcium cast thoughts thickening
dreamy drunk communion    cloister calm
cremated    stone breathing womb walls of
hollow holy    nothing left to fall only
closure of this comical cabaret

Jonathan Hayes lives in Oakland, California.