New from Anxiety Press: Kentucky Outlaw

Anxiety Press is pleased to announce the release of: Kentucky Outlaw by Hugh Blanton


“With Kentucky Outlaw, Hugh Blanton has constructed a first-person account traversing both the rural noir of the Kentucky hinterlands to the destitute flophouses of San Diego, and the journey therein is worth the admission. Part bildungsroman, part cautionary tale, Blanton’s writing is both heartbreaking and hilarious—from school mishaps to drug deals gone south. Take the trip with this one.”
— Brian Townsley, author of A Trunk Full of Zeroes and Outlaw Ballads, and the executive editor at Starlite Pulp


In the godforsaken depths of Bell County, Kentucky, a lost soul named Reggie Abbot, a mere thirteen tender years old, is abruptly thrown into the belly of the criminal beast. Fate, that merciless mistress, introduces him to an enigmatic outlaw, whose allure is as dangerous as the darkest moonshine.
With a haunting recklessness, Reggie becomes entangled in a sinister web spun by the nefarious denizens of this underworld. Vicious killers, devoid of mercy or conscience, relentlessly hunt him down, leaving him with no sanctuary, no refuge to seek solace. In this treacherous game of survival, he is cast aside, abandoned, forsaken by companionship, left to bear his burdens alone.
In the hands of Hugh Blanton, a master spinner of tales, Kentucky Outlaw emerges as a relentless force, gripping you by the throat and refusing to let go. A narrative that consumes you wholly, entwining your senses and keeping you captive until the break of dawn. Prepare, dear reader, to sacrifice your sleep and surrender to the captivating darkness that lurks within these pages.

About the Author

Hugh Blanton is the author of A Home to Crouch In. He is an Appalachian expatriate now living in San Diego, California. Blanton grew up in the hills of Eastern Kentucky before wandering and ending up on the American west coast. His poems, stories, and essays have appeared in numerous journals and reviews.