Poetry: Selections from Tobias Seim

sparks soaring through the air like harbingers of the end

and the only tingle
a lot of people
can still
comes from the
electrical discharge
felt at their fingertips
once they touch
a door handle within a closed
psychiatric ward, the hand
of their divorce lawyer,
the metal of the treatment table
where their toy poodle
after munching laced treats,
scattered in a dog park
like seeds of doom.

and with each and every
one of those
there is also a tiny bit of
us forever.

his destiny was to turn into hundreds of sausages

there was this fat guy
on television and he owned
a sweet little
cattle farm.

they filmed him prancing
around the pastures. toothpick in mouth.
fir green boilersuit. rubber
boots. heavy breathing
in the morning cold. sun illuminating
dewed grass and the occasional
butterfly. an electric fence
softly sizzling in the background, and so on.

at one point he got really close
to this gigantic ox,
slapped the beast
on his rear end and said,
“soon, this bad boy
will turn into
nothing more than
sausages. hundreds of sausages!
the people
demand it. preorders are through the roof!”

then he looked into the camera
overjoyed. the film crew
started to laugh while the ox
continued to ruminate
with this certain
on his elongated face, as if
all this shit was beneath him anyway.

afterwards they cut away to a commercial. the first
one was about car insurance. but who could
care about
after witnessing such a wicked scene?

what a statement. what a fate. what a universe.

fuck me.

Tobias Seim is some guy who was born and raised in Germany. He quit school, learned nothing, and now spends his time reading and writing. At least occasionally. He is the author of to hunt down dreams like rabid wolves. 


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