New from Anxiety Press: Too Many Things Came to Nothing

Anxiety Press is pleased to announce the release of: Too Many Things Came to Nothing

(Featuring a foreword from Ahead of the Curve’s James Bergman)

“Much of this book was written through a veil of tears. That and anger. Although anger is sometimes just a mask which hides the sadness.”


Now you’re just a stranger with all my secrets.


Too Many Things Came to Nothing  is Sexton at his most lacerating and probing. Anyone familiar with Sexton’s work knows he also wields a dagger-sharp wit.” — Justine Jones, editor and cultural critic

“Raw, honest, and real… unlike anything that I have read, and I am better for having done so.” — Tessa Caudill, co-host of History Told By Idiots

“With a title like this? Eat it Faulkner, you bitch!” — Sebastian Vice, founder/owner of Outcast-Press

“Poignantly told… this is a work of staggering honesty.” — Owen Grey

“Reading one of Sexton’s books is like watching porn. It’s quick, pleasurable, and for some reason I feel depressed afterwards.” — That Outdoorish Guy

“A heartbreaking, gut-wrenchingly honest memoir. Too Many Things Came to Nothing cracks the planet of the reader in half and fills the void with the hardest kind of truth. An illuminating, silence-annihilating collection.” — Sean McCallum, author of The Recalcitrant Stuff of Life

“Every time we look into our past, we learn something new. Cody Sexton urges us in his essays and short stories to revisit those dark places. It's where our inner child continues to extract bullets that no one else cared to remove.” — Paula Deckard, author of Heart like a Hole

Too Many Things Came to Nothing is a relentless march through the dark parts of Cody Sexton’s life. His direct fury torches all, from addicted Dads, dead relatives, back holler religion, capitalism, and the rotgut pining wishes of childhood. You wind up staring god in the eyes, dismissing him, and you’re left standing with only a mirror in hand at the end of his essays. Mercifully, Sexton ends with a short fiction section of stark naked cliffhangers. Flash stories so crisp, you’ll think they’re ready for Friday night date night.” — Dan Denton, author of $100-A-Week-Motel

About the Author

Cody Sexton is the managing editor for A Thin Slice of Anxiety and founder of Anxiety Press. He is the author of American Bullshit: Essays at the Margins (Anxiety Press 2020) and All the Sweet Prettiness of Life (Anxiety Press 2021). His work has also been featured in: Writer Shed Stories, The Diverse Perspective, Punk Noir Magazine, Detritus, Revolution John, Due Dissidence, and mAs It Ought To Be Magazine where he is a regular contributor. In addition he is also a 2020 Best of the Net Nominee for his essay The Body of Shirley Ann Sexton.


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