New From Anxiety Press: Homo Mortalis: Meditations on Memento Mori

Anxiety Press is pleased to announce the release of: Homo Mortalis: Meditations on Memento Mori by Sebastian Vice


Vice’s reflections on death and existence are both morbid and highly astute. If ever there was a topic that was best handled by a poet rather than a writer of prose, it must be death. 


“Vice is the only writer in recent memory who can slice you to pieces before stitching you back together, never losing a single drop of blood.” — Justine Jones, editor 

“A collection of bleak yet incandescent poetry alternating the autobiographical and the observational, in which Vice aims to make sense of humans’ obsession with death via a poetical analysis of nihilism. Throughout the collection, Vice offers various views and various facets of his magnetic personality, his passion for philosophy, his childhood traumas, his fascination with death conflicted with his living desires and feelings, his rejection of the after life and his disappointment at the inner destructiveness of the human nature. A deep, fascinating read.” — B F Jones, author of Something Happened at 2am

“From a life of pain and deep suffering, Sebastian Vice has created a stunning collection of poetic literature, each poem its own enclosed world of depravity and despair shot through with unexpected threads of beauty and light. As I journeyed through Homo Mortalis, witnessing each blow to the narrator’s soul, and falling lower with the emotional blackness of each life disappointment, I felt my own heart clutch at its illusions as the truth Vice brought home to me began to bear down unmercifully. We will all die, without exception. There is no escape. And maybe that is the greatest comfort of all.” — Lauren Sapala, author of West is San Francisco

“Sebastian Vice writes poetry like he’s whispering confessions into a black, smoking abyss. Homo Mortalis is an indie masterpiece that mixes a gasoline cocktail of street poetry, abandoned pulpit preaching, proletariat intellectualism and the words of a lifelong confidante. 
More importantly Homo Mortalis is so damn honest it hurts to read.” — Stephen J. Golds, author of I’ll Pray When I’m Dying 

About the Author 

Sebastian Vice is the founder of Outcast-Press, an indie publishing company specializing in transgressive fiction and dirty realism. His poetry and short fiction has, or will, appear in Punk Noir Magazine, A Thin Slice of Anxiety, Close To The Bone, Terror House Magazine, and the anthology In Filth It Shall Be Found.