Poetry: Selections from Gerard Manogue

hiding from disease

how could anyone say
the sunset in pomona
doesn’t perplex
the forty ounce efforts
of our lives
hiding from disease
in my childhood bedroom
three days of straight indulging
my internet addiction
in a kind of darkness
black as smoke that emits
from a pile of burning car tires
i wouldn’t say things
are always fantastic
in gooberland
miles davis’ trumpet
in “blue in green”
as cake batter as it is
won’t help me resolve
this coke zero anxiety

this poem might show my age

i remember two things
my kindergarten teacher said:
1) “everytime you lie
you add another brick
to the wall you build
between yourself and god”
2) “does anyone know
what is going on
with the oj simpson trial?”

this poem might show my age part 2

my unluckiness started
the day i turned twenty one
when i showed my driver’s license
to a cashier at a grocery store
who miscalculated and refused
to sell me a bottle of wine
thoroughly embarrassed
i pulled out the calculator on my iphone
subtracted 1,991 from 2,012
to prove my innocence

Gerard Manogue (he/him) is a poet based in Southern California. His poetry has been published in The Daily Drunkdon't submit!The Sparrow's Trombone, and other little magazines.


  1. I read this poem to my high school students and they loved it


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